FAQ - Common Questions

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Can you replace the lenses on my own frame?

Yes of course! Just ensure the frame is in a good condition - you wouldn't want the frame to give way shortly after replacing the lenses.

Can you re-use my lenses to fit into a new frame?

Maybe. We'd have to try find a similar frame and hope it fits - we may need to cut the lenses smaller if required. Generally not recommended for progressives since the focus can be mis-aligned, making it more difficult for you to use them.

How long does it take to get a pair of glasses done?

For most single vision lenses, it takes 2 working days. Progressive lenses (multifocals) take about a week. Rush jobs may be possible, depending on various factors like the queue at the lab, the prescription, and whether the delivery rider is available to make an extra trip.

How do I ensure that my tested degree is as accurate as it can be?

You should get enough rest before the test. Bring your current pair of glasses if you haven't lost them. During the test, you must not be distracted (e.g. by phonecalls, rushing off to an appointment, other people trying to talk to you, etc). Should you have any doubts or questions, let us know, along with any relevant history like a previous glasses that caused a headache, and so on. This helps us to adjust the degree to ensure the best comfort.

What if someone cannot read letters or is hearing-impaired?

Leave it to us to figure this one out. We do also have number charts to read from. And then there’s the ultimate “tumbling E” test where E is shown in different directions. Tested to work in remote villages, where the locals have never done an eye test before and don’t speak the same languages as we do. Works for pretty much everyone.

Why did you open a brick-and-mortar store instead of selling online?

We recognise the importance and value of getting to try out something before buying, especially when it comes to glasses that we wear for most of the day, every day. But no one likes a salesperson breathing down their necks or up-selling useless products - hence we've design our store with open spaces and with equally open and honest pricing, while still being here when you need our advice and help. If however you prefer to shop for glasses at 2am, you can browse some of our frames here.

What's the smell in the estate?

Actually we wonder too. We think it's a combination of sewage, rotting garbage, and smoke.

Are you wheelchair friendly?

We are not officially wheelchair-accessible but we have served customers in wheelchairs with no major issues. There's a small one-inch step into the store. Our open-concept display as well as large mirrors allow you to select frames even if you're seated in a wheelchair.

How much will my glasses cost?

This will depend on the selected frame and lenses. Our package price, which includes the frame and a pair of single vision lenses, starts from $80. Package price for progressive lenses, which allow people who are presbyopic (老花) to see both distant and reading, start from $200. Branded lenses cost more.

Why are you more expensive than Daiso?

Our spectacles are made-to-order and can correct most prescriptions. Ready-made glasses or "readers" usually only correct presbyopia (老花) in the absence of any other prescription, with the same degree in both eyes, and use lenses are that inferior to optical store glasses.

Why are you cheaper than elsewhere? Why are you not the cheapest in Singapore?

We do not recommend unnecessary products to our customers, which is why we may cost less than many other stores. We try to strike a balance between quality and price, to give customers the best value; and we realise this is particularly important as we are nestled in a HDB housing estate - hence we carefully curate our products based on this fact.

We also save on various little costs that add up - for instance we do not physically barcode-tag each frame, make elaborate renovations and decorations to the store, or sell contact lenses (link coming soon!).

We are not the cheapest in Singapore, and we don't aim to be. We often see $29 or $38 glasses being advertised by optical stores. But how many people who walk in are actually eligible for this price? You'd likely be asked to pay extra for astigmatism, for a higher degree, for UV protection, and so on. We want our prices to be more inclusive, and so we list realistic, sustainable prices.

How are glasses priced? Why are glasses so expensive in Singapore?