Products and Pricing

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Our product and pricing policy is very simple - we want to bring you the best value and let your dollar go the extra mile. We are definitely not the cheapest in Singapore (and we don't aim to be!), and that's because we don't want to sacrifice basic quality just for small savings in the amount you pay. Even our package pricing includes lenses which are multi-coated with AR and UV coating (anti-reflection and ultraviolet). We love being upfront, so you don't have to get shocked with all sorts of additional costs after walking in.

We stock a wide range of affordable frames. Being a new shop means you won't find old outdated stuff here. Gradually, we will bring in a good range of curated branded frames; but only if we are convinced the price is worth the quality! Achieving that delicate balance between price and quality is very important to us.

We carry lenses from the major brands - Crizal, Hoya, Kodak, and Zeiss - as well as cheaper OEM lenses that give you the best bargain. We carry all sorts of lenses - single vision, progressive, computer and office lenses, photochromic (automatic-tinting) lenses, etc. Whether it's myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia that's bothering you, we'd be glad to correct it and find the best solution for you.

Just need something simple? Check out the no-frills Frame + Lenses packages available for you. Our very inclusive power range means that for most people, there will not be a cent of extra charges! You can add-on as you wish, or just take the package as it is - which already includes multi-coated lenses!

We all come to a point in time where we just want something better, and you'd be sure to find it here. Our frame and lens prices are clearly indicated and listed, put any frame together with your favourite choice of lenses, then take an additional discount off the final price. It is that clear - no funny extra charges!